The start of the Space Race and NASA´s                          Apollo Program

I had the privilege and the luck of being at the right place in the right time and so, I have participated in the Space Race since the first manned Apollo was launched (ApolloVII) to the last in the mission Program (Apollo XVII).


After that, I have participated in every mission that went to space for 43 years, including all the manned missions (Skylab, Shuttle, Apollo-Soyuz).


I thought I would like to share with you the thrill of those special years.


The file included is already prepared for double page printing if you like to have a hard copy.

Space Race, Project Apollo
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Is a manned trip to Mars possible in the                               next decade?

It seems that the media and many official organizations are trying to make people think that a manned trip to Mars is going to take place in the very near future.


I personally think that many questions have not been answered and the supposed trip is not going to take place as soon as they say.


I´ve written a small essay with the unanswered questions and I would like to share them with you.


I´m not a pessimistic person but I am convinced that I will not see such a trip.

Manned trip to Mars
Marte WEB 2 ENG.pdf
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    Anecdotes and aisle rumors during                                   the space race

There´s little to add to the title. I´ve prepared the archive to print in double page if you want a hard copy

The beginnings (1)
The begining 1.pdf
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This is the second part. As in the first, the archive is prepared to print in double page. Hope you enjoy it.

The beginnings (2)
The begining 2.pdf
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 Skylab, the continuation of the Apollo                                      Program

What was the solution for the extra 4 Saturn V vehicles in NASA´s backyard.

Skylab Project
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  MDSCC. Brief history of the birth and          evolution of the Madrid Deep Space                 Communications Complex

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              Apollo-Soyuz Test Project                                  The end of the Cold War

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
ASTP IMP Eng.pdf
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               The Challenger disaster

The Challenger disater
Challenger Eng.pdf
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                   The Columbia disaster

The Columbia disaster
Columbia Eng.pdf
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         The beginning of the USA Space                                      Exploration.                                                      Project Explorer

Project Explorer
Explorer Eng IMP.pdf
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                 Aiming to the Moon (1)                                            Project Ranger

Project Ranger
Ranger Eng IMP.pdf
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                Aiming to the Moon (2)                                            Project Surveyor

Project Surveyor
Surveyor Eng IMP.pdf
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                  Aiming to the Moon (3)                                       Project Lunar orbiter

Project Lunar Orbiter
Lunar Orb Eng IMP.pdf
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                             The Voyagers

The Voyagers
Voyager Eng IMP.pdf
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  Contributions of the Space Program to                              normal life

Scientific contributions
Inventions and scientific contributions.[...]
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Cuando termino una charla me preguntan, en muchas ocasiones, que retorno recibió el ciudadano de a pié de la ingente cantidad de dinero invertido en la carrera espacial y la posterior exploración del espacio.

He subido a esta WEB un pequeño sumario de muchas de estas aportaciones a la vida diaria.

Espero que os guste.


Como siempre, vuestras críticas servirán para mejorar.

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After many of my lectures about the Space Program, I have been asked what has the contribution of this incredible expenditure been on the normal citizen.

I have uploaded a small sumary of many of these contributions to every day life.

Hope you like it.


As always, your comments will help me to create a better product. Thanks.

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