My family

Sara in flamenco costume ready to start "Sevillanas". She learned by hersel by watching her mother. And Estrella giving one of her classes. It is obvious why Sara and Raquel dance flamenco so well.
Raquel showing proudly her pregnancy and Hugo, the results of it. Hugo´s picture is a little old but I love it.
My next of kin, Sara is on the left and Raul, Raquel and Hugo to the right. Sara is an events producer and manager . Raul is an environmental engineer and Raquel the Director´s secretary at the Madrid Deep Space Communications Centre.

My house

Winter and Summer

Good times

As you can see, all our celebrations are around a table with good food and better wine.


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Mi música: Boogie boogie, Rock, música clásica

Películas: Ciencia ficción, comedias, thrillers, terror

Idiomas: Español, inglés y algo de francés


Mi lema preferido: Carpe diem - ¡Disfruta del aquí y el ahora!


En el 40 aniversario de las naves Voyager había que escribir algo sobre ellas, así que me he puesto el mono de trabajo y he hecho una pequeña reseña que he subido a esta WEB.

Nada de información técnica que de eso hay cientos de publicaciones, un pequeño repaso de su inicio y de su devenir en estos 40 años.

Espero que os guste.


Como siempre, vuestras críticas servirán para mejorar.

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My music: Boogie boogie, Rock, clasic


Movies: Sci-Fi, comedy, thrillers, terror


Languages: Spanish, english and a bit of french


My moto: Carpe diem - Enjoy the here and now!


Something had to be written on the 40th anniversary of the Voyagers so, I put on my working clothes and did a very small write-up that I have downloaded to this WEB.

No technical information, there are hundreds of books on the subject.

Just little memories of their beginning and their whereabouts during these 40 years.

Hope you like it.


Also, your comments will help me to create a better product. Thanks.

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