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Carlos González

Brief history

¡Hi! My name´s Carlos Gonzalez and I live in a small town close to Madrid, Navalcarnero.


I was borne in Madrid but it was more an accident than something expected as all my bloodline comes from Asturias (Northern Spain). Anyway, I enjoy the city where I was borne.


I was awarded a scholarship in 1963 to go to the USA to study and I graduated from Helix High School in La Mesa, California (Class of 1964).


I had the privilege of being in the right place at the right moment and I started to work for NASA in 1968, just before the launch of the first manned flight of a Saturn vehicle, Apollo VII.


From there on, I lived and participated in real time in all of the Apollo flights, Apollo-Soyuz, Skylab, Space Shuttle and all of the scientific vehicles to our solar system.


After 43 years, I´ve retired from MDSCC (Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex) in Robledo, near Madrid, while being Operations Manager and Deputy Director.

In my private life I enjoy the time I now have for doing the things I like.


I´m trying to learn to play piano and I wrote an essay about the Space Race and, particularly, about NASA´s Project Apollo and, also, about the possibilities of a manned trip to Mars in the very near future. You can take a look at them at My essay and give me, hopefully, comments and criticism to make them better. Just go to mu Visits book. Thanks.

My family

My family is a fundamental foundation of my life and I can´t think about living without them.


I have a wife, Estrella, two daughters, Raquel and Sara (and their counterparts, Raúl and Fran), and a grandson, Hugo, all of  whom I am very proud of, and I believe that I am very fortunate to have so many wonderful persons in my close surroundings.


One of the best things about my family is that I can fully rely on them. I have very few, but very important, friends (REAL FRIENDS, with capital letters) and I consider them part of my family.


I love to share with my family the good things that happen in my life but I usually keep the worries and problems to myself. One thing I am totally sure of is that they will always be with me to help if the need be.


If you want to know my family better, there´s a few pictures at My family.

My hobbies

I´m not as active as I used to anymore but I am still interested in living my life having as much fun as possible and I´m involved in a variety of things that go from writing to giving talks to schools, etc.


E.G. I used to dance flamenco every day and now I seldom do (getting old I guess); also, I am interested in all kinds of musical instruments and I am able to get acceptable sounds from all that I have tried (more than 20), now I am learning to play piano but this one is the most difficult I have found so far.

As you can see in the picture, my wife Estrella and I make a peculiar duo but we animate our friends and family parties. (Believe it or not, they WANT us to play and sing).


Sports have always been very important in my life (I used to be an acceptable swimmer and basketball player). I like just about every sport except sea races.


El libro "El gran salto al abismo" escrito por Jesús Saez y publicado por Next Door Publishers, esta teniendo una considerable aceptación.


Narra mi vida en conjunción con la carrera y exploración espaciales de una manera amena y familiar.


La exposición en El MUNCYT abrió sus puertas el 20 de diciembre. La inuguración oficial está por determinar.

Página Web

Mi música: Boogie boogie, Rock, música clásica

Películas: Ciencia ficción, comedias, thrillers, terror

Idiomas: Español, inglés y algo de francés


Mi lema preferido: Carpe diem - ¡Disfruta del aquí y el ahora!


Se inicia el quincuagésimo aniversario del Apollo XIII y no puedo dejar pasar la ocasión sin hacer un pequeño escrito para conmemorarlo.


Bien pues, me ha costado pero he conseguido terminarlo. Está dirigido principalmente a ver qué causó el accidente. No incluyo nada del viaje, eso lo tengo recogido en mi ensayo sobre el Programa Apollo.

Espero que os guste.


Como siempre, vuestras críticas servirán para mejorar.

What´s new

The book "El gran salto al abismo" writen by Jesus Saez and published by Next Door Publishers, is having a more than acceptable response.


It narrates my life in conjunction with the space race and exploration.

I´ll post a note when available in English.


The MUNCYT exhibition  opened for the public on 20 December, but official inauguration date is still unknown.

Web page

My music: Boogie boogie, Rock, clasic


Movies: Sci-Fi, comedy, thrillers, terror


Languages: Spanish, english and a bit of french


My moto: Carpe diem - Enjoy the here and now!


The 50th anniversary of the Apollo XIII is coming up and I couldn´t but do a small write-up to commemorate it.


I have tried to analyze what caused the accident rather than talk about the trip itself as I have written about it in other of my essays.


Hope you like it.


As always, your comments will help me to create a better product. Thanks.

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